was founded in 2008 and focusses on teaching the djembe and African drumming online.

Originally a collection of articles used for Paton’s students, it has evolved into an enormous free resource for students of African drumming and the djembe.

It features recordings, videos, lessons, drum notation, traditional and contemporary songs and reviews.

It teaches the history of the djembe, drum construction and drum maintenance with photos and illustrations. It also features rare old photos of drums from the previous century.

Over 200 pages of high quality djembe instruction – visit and enjoy.


His Latest Flame


A complete guide for beginners and experienced players alike, with over 20 free lessons.

Ella Gabriel

Djembe Music

Buy, download or stream djembe music.

Ntaba and the Stone

Gear Reviews

How to find the best dejmbe, the best accessories and the best teaching aids.

Yulin Arendse

Djembe History

A trip down the ages with a full and comprehensive look at the history of the djembe.

Juan Geel

Royalty Free Music

Need African drumming music for your project? This is exactly what you’re looking for. Download right away and add spice to your next project.

Gavin Potter

Free Djembe MP3

Download a free djembe Mp3 to jam along to.

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